ERTLab 3d Electrical Resistivity Tomography Software


ertlab_clip_image011ERTLab Sequencer is a practical tool for the creation of 2D and 3D arrays/schedules of electrical resistivity measurements.

Cables/electrodes definition

  • User-friendly interface to insert electrodes and cables
  • Practical 3D view managing of the inserted objects
  • Mouse controlled selection of the electrodes to be skipped or to be used in roll along mode

Sequence generation

  • Sequence generator for 2D and 3D surface, borehole or surface-to-hole surveys (Linear Dipole-Dipole, Parallel Dipole-Dipole, Pole-Dipole, Pole-Pole, Wenner, Wenner-Schlumberger)
  • Special envinroment for Multi-Borehole sequence creation
  • Option to create mixed arrays by appending multiple sequences
  • Multi-channel receiver optimization
  • Geometric factor constraining
  • Reciprocal quadrupoles generation
  • Different Import/Export formats (ElectreII, ErtLab Solver, text)
  • Conventional pseudo-plots for displaying measurement coverage