ERTLab 3d Electrical Resistivity Tomography Software


ertlab_clip_image015ERTLab Viewer is a powerful graphical envinroment to represent resistivity/IP models. Visualize inverse and forward models in a variety of ways, including sections, volumes and isosurfaces. These may be spun and re-oriented in real-time.

Display sections

  • Display sections in xy, yz, xz plane
  • Display sections in any generic direction of the space, by defining a point and a normal to the plane direction
  • Three different modes to represent sections: contours (automatic or user-defined), cell scalars and node scalars

Volumes and isosurface extraction

  • Plumes extraction (volumes)
  • Isosurface definition

Color mapping

  • Resistivity/conductivity switch
  • Rainbow or red-blue, linear or logarithmic, regular or inverted colorbars

Advanced visualization properties

  • Transparency, clipping on/off option
  • Ortographic/perspective view
  • Axes properties definition, labels editing


  • Export in bitmap format
  • Load/save script file with session settings