ERTLab 3d Electrical Resistivity Tomography Software


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ERTLab Solver is the resistivity and IP inversion module that offers full three-dimensional topographical modeling and inversion. Its numerical core based on tetrahedral FEM allows the user to input complex topographic information and to invert data sets collected using surface, borehole and surface-to-hole array configurations.
InversionERTLab Solver

  • Smoothness constrained least-squared inversion
  • Robust inversion (data variance iterative reweighting)
  • Controllable parameters
  • Forward solver accuracy
  • Boundary conditions (Neumann, Dirichlet, mixed)
  • Regularization factors
  • Roughness functions weights
  • Noise estimates

Survey Design

  • Resistivity/IP 3D forward modelling from generic sequences
  • Analysis and display of sensitivity functions
  • Interactive definition of the starting model

Mesh generation

  • 3D complex topography
  • User defined mesh
  • Mesh and model import/export tools

Data quality control

  • Pseudo-plots view
  • Graphic/numerical processing of bad data-points
  • Reciprocal check